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How does it work?

The wine club is the most exciting way to get to know and discover new wines. Subscribe to any of our plans and receive your box curated with the selection the month. Payment is automatic and shipping is done the first week of the month, or on the 15th of the month, depending on the subscription date.

How do i suscribe?

Simply visit the ‘Natural Wine Club’ section in the drop-down menu and choose the plan that you like the most. The rest, leave it to us.

What wines will i get

Depending on your plan, you can receive two to three bottles per month. Each bottle has a QR code with information about the wine so that you know a little more about who produces it and what its history is.

If i really like a box, can i ask to repeat it the next month?

We do not recommend repeating the box so as not to interrupt the cycle of the plan since the boxes are cured in a certain way to take you around the world of the different wines. If you like one in particular, you can visit the bottle store or if it is not available contact us at

Can i get personalized box?

Of course! Send us an email to and we can gladly curate a box to your liking.

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